7 Plus Size Bridesmaids Dresses in your budget

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As you know summer is the season for weddings and ceremonies, so why not also mention the bridesmaids’ dresses?

The story of the bridesmaid meets that of ancient Egypt, in fact at that time, marriage was considered a very important social event that was to bring prosperity and luck to the family. The marriage of ancient Egypt had to receive the approval of the gods (as well as the Roman one) woe betide if this did not happen, the wedding could be said to be canceled. Since evil spirits could attend the wedding, a group of women dressed similar to the bride accompanied her, as if to escort her.

The bridesmaid is an important member of the bridal party and accompanies the bride throughout the wedding day. Today it is the bride herself who can choose the number of bridesmaids. The bridesmaid today is a trusted friend, a lady, who supports the bride before, after and during the wedding.

That of the bridesmaids is an American tradition that we Italians have gradually acquired. Always following the dictates of tradition, the bridesmaid should be single but not necessarily single. Among the bridesmaids there may also be the so-called maid of honor who could replace the best man.

Bridesmaids usually have a dress code that includes a dress that is the same in color and pattern or at least similar. In addition, the bridesmaids have a bouquet similar to that of the bride that they carry in their hand during the church march

Bridesmaids dresses: how to choose them without making mistakes

Bridesmaids usually have a dress code that requires a dress that is the same in color and pattern or at least similar. It is the bride who has to choose the bridesmaids’ dress, always taking into account their physicality. In addition, the bridesmaids have a bouquet (or a bracelet on their wrist) similar to that of the bride.

The dresses of the bridesmaids are very refined and correspond in some way to the theme linked to the wedding. The choice of dresses for the bridesmaids depends on the season in which the wedding will be celebrated, the time and place where the reception will be held.

The dresses of the bridesmaids will necessarily follow the style of the bride’s dress and therefore we will have sexy bridesmaid dresses (in English) if the bride has chosen such a dress and so on.

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