Sei uno scrittore? Invia il tuo manoscritto a Edizioni 2000Diciassette

Sei uno scrittore? Vuoi pubblicare il tuo libro? invia il tuo manoscritto a

Sono qui per parlarvi di un’iniziativa veramente interessante se vi piace scrivere e il vostro sogno è una carriera nel mondo dell’editoria.

Come sapete io abito in Campania nella provincia di Benevento e da poco qui nella vicina Telese Terme è nata una casa editrice, Edizioni 2000diciassette, che ho deciso di sostenere tramite i canali del mio blog.

casa editrice edizioni 2000diciassette, sei uno scrittore, Maria pia selvaggio,

Edizioni 2000diciassette e nasce dalla mente di Maria Pia Selvaggio scrittrice e docente di lettere che ha deciso di sperimentare fino in fondo l’amore per la scrittura e ha valutato l’idea di mettersi in gioco provando a creare nell’ambito della valle Telesina qualcosa che fino a qualche tempo fa era inimmaginabile.

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Popopieshop: cute baby clothes for girls

Nowadays parents are always very attentive to the style of their boys and girls. In fact, many children already wear fashionable and trendy clothes dedicated to childhood. An online shop dedicated to children’s clothing is Popopieshop.

Popopieshop is a really well-kept online shop and sells high quality baby products at hot (super discounted) prices. It is an Asian-inspired online shop that offers very unique and beautiful clothing line for children.If you are looking for cute baby clothes for girls Popopieshop is the perfect shop for you.
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Buy cargo pants online on Wayrates

Cargo pants are a type of long pants, similar in appearance to the classic ones, but fit more loosely and loosely, and are easily recognizable because they have side pockets.

But cargo pants made their first appearance in the distant 1930s when they were worn by workers who used its numerous compartments to store tools and work tools. While keeping their function to this day, they have recently taken on a more glamorous and chic look.

Comfortable, wide, military green, these are the characteristics that, like the version of a few decades ago,

The boom came in the 90s, when hip-hop fashion was launched with its wide pants and full of pockets, just think that they were so successful that they appeared on the catwalks of one of the most famous designers in history: Ralph Lauren. Cargo pants are widely used for their comfort even in the workplace, especially for those jobs that require physical and manual work.

The site where you can buy tactical cargo pants online is definitely Wayrates.
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5 Best Fall wedding guests dresses 2021

Autumn, contrary to popular belief, is truly a wonderful season to decide to organize a wedding. With its fairy atmosphere and the warmth of the flaming colors, autumn is characterized by temperatures far from the summer heat, but not yet prohibitive, as if to compensate for a climate that will become increasingly cold. Organizing or deciding to participate in an autumn wedding is a particularly fascinating choice, but how to dress if you are invited to an autumn wedding?

The magic of an autumn wedding
At this time of the year, the colors offered by nature are bright and striking, but which ones to choose? For dresses, you can focus on all shades of orange, yellow and burgundy or on all shades from antique pink to purple, from brown to green. If you still don’t have clear ideas, take a cue from these color palettes and get inspired for your Autumn Wedding. Each season has its own charm, there are those who prefer to get married in the height of summer and others in autumn. Autumn brings with it a table of very particular colors, strong oranges, bright reds, ruby ​​tones and very warm yellows, all different and rich in their shades.
After choosing the right shade, which best suits our being, the collections of winter and autumn wedding dresses, regardless of the time of the ceremony, give ample room for choices more than we think. In fact, the autumn-winter collections in fact give ample space to colors and the latest trends are the following and they speak clearly to us with their characteristics.

What dresses to choose if you are invited to a fall wedding?
The choice is very wide, you can choose from a cocktail dress to a simple suit. While if you are a lover of elegance you can opt for a solid color dress.
Accessories are very important, especially during ceremonies, but obviously it is good not to overdo it, otherwise it is excessive, in fact these must be used in moderation and above all calibrated according to the dress. is a store dedicated to bridesmaid dresses and women’s formal dresses.
We find formal dresses of various models and colors, moreover the online shop specializes in the sale of plus size wedding guest dresses.
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7 Plus Size Bridesmaids Dresses in your budget

As you know summer is the season for weddings and ceremonies, so why not also mention the bridesmaids’ dresses?

The story of the bridesmaid meets that of ancient Egypt, in fact at that time, marriage was considered a very important social event that was to bring prosperity and luck to the family. The marriage of ancient Egypt had to receive the approval of the gods (as well as the Roman one) woe betide if this did not happen, the wedding could be said to be canceled. Since evil spirits could attend the wedding, a group of women dressed similar to the bride accompanied her, as if to escort her.

The bridesmaid is an important member of the bridal party and accompanies the bride throughout the wedding day. Today it is the bride herself who can choose the number of bridesmaids. The bridesmaid today is a trusted friend, a lady, who supports the bride before, after and during the wedding.

That of the bridesmaids is an American tradition that we Italians have gradually acquired. Always following the dictates of tradition, the bridesmaid should be single but not necessarily single. Among the bridesmaids there may also be the so-called maid of honor who could replace the best man.

Bridesmaids usually have a dress code that includes a dress that is the same in color and pattern or at least similar. In addition, the bridesmaids have a bouquet similar to that of the bride that they carry in their hand during the church march

Bridesmaids dresses: how to choose them without making mistakes

Bridesmaids usually have a dress code that requires a dress that is the same in color and pattern or at least similar. It is the bride who has to choose the bridesmaids’ dress, always taking into account their physicality. In addition, the bridesmaids have a bouquet (or a bracelet on their wrist) similar to that of the bride.

The dresses of the bridesmaids are very refined and correspond in some way to the theme linked to the wedding. The choice of dresses for the bridesmaids depends on the season in which the wedding will be celebrated, the time and place where the reception will be held.

The dresses of the bridesmaids will necessarily follow the style of the bride’s dress and therefore we will have sexy bridesmaid dresses (in English) if the bride has chosen such a dress and so on. is an online shop specializing in the sale of women’s clothing and especially in wedding dresses, evening dresses, gala dresses, bridesmaid dresses and plus size bridesmaid dresses.

Some cheap plus size wedding dresses you can find on

Empre waist evening dress perfect if you’re plus size bridesmaid.
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Cartomanzia: una disciplina affascinante e misteriosa

La  cartomanzia è una disciplina particolarmente affascinante, c’è chi fa risalire la sua nascita ai cinesi, agli egizi e chi al popolo caldeo. In Egitto furono trovate 78 rudimentali carte sulla quale erano incise dei simboli da cui veniva effettuata una lettura dai sacerdoti, i soli, a quel tempo,  in grado di predire il futuro. Nel 1540, ci fu il primo tentativo di dare regole precise a quest’arte misteriosa dando vita ai veri e propri mazzi di tarocchi. Ufficialmente la cartomanzia nacque, così come la conosciamo oggi,  grazie ad Aliette, un francese che nel 1970, pubblicò “Ou, la seule manière de tirer les cartes” un saggio in cui veniva spiegato come predire il futuro usando le normali carte da gioco.
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Allaboutsuit: wedding suits for men 2021

Until a few decades ago, wedding suits for the groom were influenced by traditional rules and well-established rules. Over time, however, fashion has also entered this area, so much so that nowadays there are more and more men who are attentive to details and who want the best for their own bridal look.
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