Bobblehead dolls: why we love it

The definition of bobblehead figurine in the dictionary is a collectible doll with an oversized head representing a celebrity or comic book character.

Bobblehead figurines and collecting:

The little-named but very famous bobblehead figurines. They take their name from whoever invented them, namely Royal Bobble.
The original main brand is just that.
These figurines are nothing more than collectible dolls, with an oversized head of which a celebrity, political or comic figure is represented.
These dolls are part of that niche market and are ideal for those who love to collect or indeed collecting
Each figurine is usually hand painted, while the project can be made by computer, the material used is high quality polyresin.
In addition, each figurine is equipped with a hologram with a unique serial number on the base to prove its authenticity. These dolls have become popular over the past two decades. There is a bobblehead version of any famous person you can think of: presidents, sports personalities, judges, rock stars and celebrities.
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Shoessee: how to buy online glamour shoes for women

Shoes, a cross and a delight for women and men … But who doesn’t like them? Seductive accessories, comfortable or not comfortable, high or low, often tapered, intriguing, elegantly cover the ends beyond our legs. According to some scientific studies it has been shown that 64% of men are attracted to women with high heels. High heels can change the shape of a woman’s body making her more attractive and seductive in the eyes of men. This is because great importance is given to the foot. But why the feet?

The feet are a very important part of our body, they constitute the roots that keep us anchored to the ground and that guarantee us the necessary mobility to set out to discover the world. However, they are also an important means of seduction, through which our unconscious can even suggest the choice of a partner.


Shoes: what a passion

Other times the shoes are whimsical, a real work of art to wear. Few people know that in history the first women’s shoes were originally low, but gradually they became taller and taller. Heels started to take off after World War II and became popular thanks to Marylin Monroe and Jackie Kennedy. This change in wardrobe has been followed by an evolution in the social status of women.
Like every new fashion season, in the fashion world, there is a catwalk of trends, trends that go and others that gloriously return from the past. If we talk about beautiful women’s shoes, however, sandals (of all types and all shapes) are undoubtedly the queen shoe of summer 2021.

Shoesse is a shop for womens shoes online where you can buy glamorous and latest fashion sandals.
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For vintage we mean an object worn or produced at least twenty years before the present moment, and which can also refer to past centuries without necessarily being limited to the twentieth century. The term vintage derives from the French, from the word “vendenge”, which has an oenological derivation. This word indicates  harvested wines, produced in the best vintages and therefore precious.

Vintage lovers see in the past a value, an opportunity, an unrivaled potential.
then fashion is a real boom. Vintage has been a constant for years, with shops and markets offering vintage garments to new consumers but never as in 2020 and 2021 the buying and selling of used clothes, not necessarily vintage, is very trendy, that is, to use a widely used term pre-owned.
In fact, if before we went to shops and markets to discover interesting pieces of past fashion, now there is great ease with the web.

Zapaka is a super vintage online dresses shop, for the more feminine style. You can find “queen” discounts from the various categories on the site
Furthermore, this online shop is very open at the network level, it has the following active channels: facebook, pinterest, Instagram and finally YouTube. Where you can find real photos or videos of the garments that maybe you have the predisposition to buy.

Vintage dress,
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Giupiter: il primo network tutto italiano dedicato alle consulenze telefoniche

L’ emergenza da Covid-19 che abbiamo vissuto ha mostrato come molti servizi possano essere svolti online o telefonicamente in maniera molto efficiente. Durante il periodo del lockdown  le consulenze telefoniche hanno raggiunto la massima importanza poiché di facile accessibilità e di immediato utilizzo.

Consulenze telefoniche: perché sono utili e perchè usarle al giorno d’oggi 

Le consulenze telefoniche sono prestazioni professionali che offrono consigli, informazioni e aiuto attraverso un semplice colloquio che normalmente avviene tramite un telefono fisso, uno smartphone o un pc. Una consulenza può avvenire a scelta anche tramite una videochiamata. Le consulenze sono un’opportunità da non lasciarsi sfuggire perché attraverso il mezzo dei colloqui telefonici è possibile interfacciarsi con professionisti di un determinato settore e risolvere svariati problemi, ottenere consigli in un campo specifico oppure ricevere sostegno all’interno di un personale percorso.
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Like every year, the swimsuit test is approaching and many women are looking for the perfect swimsuit to show off on the beach or during an happy hour combined with rigorously chic details. This year trends are divided between colorful and sport-inspired swimwear and sensual glamour swimwear that play with laces, fringes or metallic details. Between bikinis, trikinis and one-piece swimsuits you are spoiled for choice.If you are looking for your next swimsuit, the perfect online shop to visit is is the online wholesale shop suitable for fashion lovers is an Asian-based online shop specializing in the retail and wholesale of the latest fashion clothing and accessories. The store caters to both women and men. deals with ready-to-wear and trendy glamorous clothing. The online shop has a great web reputation, excellent service and good quality products. Many of the styles you find on the site are inserted directly from the dress models that can be found in the most famous fashion magazines.
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Che regalo dare per una festa d’addio?

Essere invitati a una festa di addio per un’amica è un momento in cui si concentrano emozioni e sensazioni uniche, ma si dovranno valutare anche degli aspetti pratici, come il regalo da fare. Di seguito andremo a considerare quali sono le idee regalo amica uniche e indimenticabili.


Come valutare il regalo di addio per una festa

Scegliere un regalo di addio a un’amica non è un processo semplice, dato che grazie al web, si avrà accesso a un numero impressionate di prodotti. In questa prospettiva può essere utile affrontare l’acquisto valutando una serie di parametri.

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Come vestire il tuo bambino per un matrimonio?

Se trovare l’outfit perfetto per un’occasione speciale è sempre difficile, la scelta non è sicuramente più semplice se riguarda i bambini. Nei prossimi paragrafi andremo a delineare alcune linee guida per scegliere i vestiti neonati più adatti al tuo bambino.

Caratteristiche del matrimonio
Come per gli adulti, anche i vestiti per neonati dovranno essere in sintonia con le caratteristiche del matrimonio. Ad influenzare la scelta saranno quindi lo stile e l’atmosfera della cerimonia, ma anche la location, la stagione e il momento della giornata.
Per matrimoni più informali si potrà optare per tessuti naturali e di colore chiaro, beige o crema. Cerimonie più classiche richiederanno invece abiti più formali, dai toni più sobri.

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