Bobblehead dolls: why we love it

The definition of bobblehead figurine in the dictionary is a collectible doll with an oversized head representing a celebrity or comic book character.

Bobblehead figurines and collecting:

The little-named but very famous bobblehead figurines. They take their name from whoever invented them, namely Royal Bobble.
The original main brand is just that.
These figurines are nothing more than collectible dolls, with an oversized head of which a celebrity, political or comic figure is represented.
These dolls are part of that niche market and are ideal for those who love to collect or indeed collecting
Each figurine is usually hand painted, while the project can be made by computer, the material used is high quality polyresin.
In addition, each figurine is equipped with a hologram with a unique serial number on the base to prove its authenticity. These dolls have become popular over the past two decades. There is a bobblehead version of any famous person you can think of: presidents, sports personalities, judges, rock stars and celebrities.
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