Shoessee: how to buy online glamour shoes for women

Shoes, a cross and a delight for women and men … But who doesn’t like them? Seductive accessories, comfortable or not comfortable, high or low, often tapered, intriguing, elegantly cover the ends beyond our legs. According to some scientific studies it has been shown that 64% of men are attracted to women with high heels. High heels can change the shape of a woman’s body making her more attractive and seductive in the eyes of men. This is because great importance is given to the foot. But why the feet?

The feet are a very important part of our body, they constitute the roots that keep us anchored to the ground and that guarantee us the necessary mobility to set out to discover the world. However, they are also an important means of seduction, through which our unconscious can even suggest the choice of a partner.


Shoes: what a passion

Other times the shoes are whimsical, a real work of art to wear. Few people know that in history the first women’s shoes were originally low, but gradually they became taller and taller. Heels started to take off after World War II and became popular thanks to Marylin Monroe and Jackie Kennedy. This change in wardrobe has been followed by an evolution in the social status of women.
Like every new fashion season, in the fashion world, there is a catwalk of trends, trends that go and others that gloriously return from the past. If we talk about beautiful women’s shoes, however, sandals (of all types and all shapes) are undoubtedly the queen shoe of summer 2021.

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