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For vintage we mean an object worn or produced at least twenty years before the present moment, and which can also refer to past centuries without necessarily being limited to the twentieth century. The term vintage derives from the French, from the word “vendenge”, which has an oenological derivation. This word indicates  harvested wines, produced in the best vintages and therefore precious.

Vintage lovers see in the past a value, an opportunity, an unrivaled potential.
then fashion is a real boom. Vintage has been a constant for years, with shops and markets offering vintage garments to new consumers but never as in 2020 and 2021 the buying and selling of used clothes, not necessarily vintage, is very trendy, that is, to use a widely used term pre-owned.
In fact, if before we went to shops and markets to discover interesting pieces of past fashion, now there is great ease with the web.

Zapaka is a super vintage online dresses shop, for the more feminine style. You can find “queen” discounts from the various categories on the site
Furthermore, this online shop is very open at the network level, it has the following active channels: facebook, pinterest, Instagram and finally YouTube. Where you can find real photos or videos of the garments that maybe you have the predisposition to buy.

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